Phil Doncon – Visual Artist

“A paint brush moving at speed has a spontaneity that cannot be prearranged. It has a quality of freedom that leads us into new areas of expression and creativity. We can easily become stuck in a rut – in well-worn ways of continually doing the same things, the same way. My approach is to move quickly –to have courage – to risk failure – in order to make breakthroughs in both art and life.”                                            

Phil Doncon is an artist and a performer who is both energetic and inspiring. His unique ‘live’ painting performances are vigorous and dynamic, as well as being highly entertaining. He creates rapid fire images in unison with diverse styles of music, interspersed with dance and gymnastics. Phil has  staged an impressive 24 solo exhibitions and won innumerable awards over two decades of professional art practice. As well as being passionate about art, he is excited by the potential of using art to assist others to become more resilient, motivated and proactive – and to live increasingly meaningful lives.

2018 School Performance Series

dSchools Performance Tours – W.A, Victoria & NSW

School Performances focus on building understanding and skills around RESILIENCE. The Paint Storm strategy revolves around winning the attention of students through a high energy performance, delivering key resilience messages and then backing this up with resources for both teachers and parents.

A range of dates are now available from term 1 to term 4 in 2018. Be quick to secure your preferred date.

Phil Doncon Visual Artist



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